Random Thoughts

See what I did there? Huh? Huh?😍


You guys prolly saw my last post, if not you should read it.

I dunno though.

Like part of me just wants to still post crap

But part of me knows that it’s not exactly worth the time.

… 😒😒



You guys should read Looking for Alaska because it’s a pretty awesome book like TFIOS and the movie is coming out in 2016. 😍


looking for alaska

“I go to seek a great perhaps”

  There are lots of awesome quotes from it too. .^.^ (one above)

Another one is.. 

“If people were rain, 

I was drizzle,

And she was a hurricane” 

I dunno. I just like quotes, because you could usually relate to them somehow or they’re inspirational.📚

There are a bunch of trailers made by fans and everything so you could go watch them, but they’re all 4 mins long..

And they might have spoilers… Idk.. 

Kay, bye👋👋

P.s. I might just have random posts such as this one, but I’m not promising anything…


Hi Again

Uh hello again guys. 

You prolly could tell that I like definitely quit, because…

  1. I can’t go on everyday
  2. I forget to post everyday
  3. I have nothing to post everyday
  4. I no longer play Fantage.
  5. I haven’t posted for so fudging long that if you can’t tell than you just didn’t care anyways because I suck.

Ooh yea.. *Shocker*😱😱



Also if you haven’t seen this pic yet from my other blog, here it is.

And I’m going to repeat:






Um so yea.

Again, don’t be expecting any posts from me.

Like seriously.

I quit(ed) [or whatever] for almost a year now, and BOOM All of a sudden I actually post this sudden post on this blog and a couple of other ones on the other blog.

But Hi again. 

And Maybe  likely MOST LIKELY Bye again. 👋👋👋

EDIT: Like seriously my twitter feed is more active. 😱😰


P.S. Some words were changed to a PG rating for the younger random viewers which I have always done and will prolly still if there are any more posts at all in the future. Thank you.


OuO… Dark Side?

Kay, i went on Fantage to Pet Town and I saw this:

dark side

Come to the dark side. >:D We have Cookies. 😛

I wasn’t the only one that saw this because a member also came by and said, “What is happening?? Fantage whatever your doing is awesome. Jzses.”

And kept saying other stuff. ^^

Then it turned into this:


Staying out of the side that’s all white. XD



NOOOO!! The dark side turned into a bright side? lol. There’s already snow everywhere though so it’s not as noticeable.


This must be really late….

BUT how was everyone’s Christmas?

What did you guys get?

I got money, clothes, stuffed animals, and boots. Oh, and a bow.

All my friends got IPhone 5c or 5s. :I

Oh well…..

Bye bye,



How’s everyone’s Thanksgiving Break/Week?

My’s is fine so far, and am I the only one thats already thinking about Christmas??

What I want:



Or anything else that’s a smartphone/ipod, but this was the cheapest one i have found so yea. ;p

I don’t have a phone or a ipod or whatever so yea. This would be my NEW and FIRST one if i get it. Thts a big IF.

Spoiler alert: I’m not gonna get it based on what has happened in past conversations about even the mention of getting an ipod.

What I’m going to get for Christmas:

What everyone else is going to get:

and most of my friends already have a phone while i’m like the only one that doesn’t, so uh yea. >.<

They’re lucky….

This post probably made me sound like a brat or something… >.<

I usually dont care about these stuff (phones/ipods) so idk why i care about it now. Maybe because i have a field trip that will have an one hour bus ride and i want something to occupy myself with…

Kay. Cya. ._.


P.s. I have been staring at that picture of the phone all night xD

x Clears Throat x

I know, I like never really post… Why? Cause of school and I really have nothing to post. (The whole blame isn’t on school, but it is for the fact that I’m not able to go on DS2 anymore)

In related news to school…

I also have weekend homework! Yay…. I’m not in any honor classes so I think this just isn’t right. I have A LOT of projects from just this week. Most of them are due Wednesday and I don’t want to stay up all night on Tuesday working on them…

I’m like a level 5 procrastinator or something xD

So I have been writing(a lot) and going on social media(a lot) and drawing(less)

Writing- so that I could release all of my negative energy and so I won’t be exploding in tears during class… 😡

Social Media- Because i get bored -a lot-

Drawing less cause I have less free time & when I do I usually do the other 2 stuff now ^^

I’m forced to do a Science Fair Project… x cough cough x I kinda hate science. ._. .-. ._.

I have an Avid project that is gonna also take forever… o.x

I have 2 Social Studies short projects. x. x I’m now officially filled with frustration…

I’ve also been obsessed lately with putting x clears throat x or something in descriptions. Random Obsession.




P.s. I’m writing a new short story. I know, I know, Power of the Green Gem isn’t completely done, but tbh I have no idea where I’m going with that story…

Zombie Attack!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but in my city we have been having a lot of fog a.k.a. zombie weather.

In related news, Fantage is having a zombie attack!!!

h h14

You get like 65 tickets if you survive, 60 if you almost survived and yea. You get a lot though and it’s kind of easy so if you just keep the screen open and don’t move you might be able to get 40 tickets but i think you’ll have to collect them after the minute to actually receive them.

h13 h12

You walk super slow if the zombies touch you and you turn green

h11 h10 h8h9 

The item you get depends on the pumpkin you picked during the last event!

h7 h6 h5  NEW EMOTES!!! (Like from Fb)h4

Click the social button that looks like the buddy button to open up the chat and your buddy list.

h3 h2



These buttons got bigger!!


Pumpkin Patch & Trade & Sale!

First lets start with trade and sell:





  • No more scams
  • Vintage is gonna come back! (diff kind but still)
  • We’ll get to vote on items to come back :3
  • CC hair and all that might come back 😀


  • Harder to do contests
  • Can no longer transfer items and money

Tbh At the same time I’m excited and worried. What if they only bring back suckish items? What if everything was like waaay overpriced. What if *gulp* they didn’t bring back any items I wanted like Intruding hair??

Now on to the Pumpkin Patch update!! c:

t1 t2 t3

This,^^, is a ugly outfit. :I

t4 t5

This,^^, is ugly hair/headgear thingy. 😡

t6 t7

I say this,^^, is the best bet. It looks better than the rest… SO GO FOR THE ORANGE PUMPKIN!



And I have no idea what this golden pumpkin gives. I bet it’s like golden, long, silky hair or something XD

You could only pick ONE item, so choose the pumpkin with the item you want. You could always change your mind. And if you were thinking on putting the item on so that they won’t take it from you, then I already tried that. :p It would just take it off.

Happy EARLY Halloween-again!!!!